Meet Lisa

      Welcome to the Center for Mind Body Nutrition!  As a registered and licensed dietitian for 25 years, I look forward to assisting you reach your wellness goals.  My philosophy is grounded in the belief that true health and well-being come from within each of us and includes all aspects of our life, including a balance of adequate nutrition and physical activity, restorative sleep habits, well-managed life stress and a positive self-image.  My greatest passion is guiding those in need towards healthy living through the practices of mindfulness, meditation, and cultivating healthy relationships to food through a non-diet, mindful eating approach. I counsel with a unique blend of individualized, evidenced-based and mindfulness-based care leading to a healthier lifestyle and a greater sense of well-being.  This non-diet approach to eating includes getting back in touch with your natural hunger and satiety ques, rebuilding a healthy relationship with food and body image, and becoming aware of behaviors in how, why, and what we choose to eat.  Learn sound nutrition and reconnect with your inner wisdom leading to the empowerment to make healthier choices for your body. 

     My love of this work and dedication to sharing is a result of the great personal benefit I have experienced from the miracle of mindfulness, meditation, healthy eating and self-care practices.  With a diagnosis of Lupus (33 years), chronic pain and inflammation, and an inability to tolerate any medication, I have managed these persistent conditions for many years with meditation, exercise, and diet adaptation. 

     In addition to a degree in Food and Nutrition Science from MaryWood University, including 19 years in renal nutrition and dialysis,  I am a Qualified Instructor of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) with Brown University School of Public Health and am a Qualified Instructor of Mindfulness Based Eating Awareness Training, supported by National Institutes of Health funded research. I have presented on these topics to renal dietitians and health professionals across the country, and in our local community as well.  A recent paper I authored, published in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' National Publication Renal Nutrition Forum,  "Mind Body Medicine: Utilizing Mind Body Techniques as a Complement to Nutrition Intervention in the Dialysis Unit" was a heartfelt project to assist the dialysis patient to achieving better health and sense of well-being through meditation practices.

     To learn out more about offered programs or have questions or concerns, please contact me for further discussion.  Look forward to meeting you!